Located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the plain of Gela and not far from the southern coast of the island, Butera was one of the most important cities of medieval Sicily.

The Butera hill has been a destination for human settlements since prehistoric times, traces of Sican settlements dating back to the Middle Bronze Age have come to light in the highest part of the rocky ridge. Further down, a necropolis in overlapping layers was the cemetery of the small prehistoric community, and, although limited to the VIII-V centuries BC, it will certainly have begun to exercise its cemetery function hundreds of years earlier.


The most interesting sites are the Arab-Norman Castle, dating back to the eleventh century. Over the centuries, it has received different touches, as evidenced by the tower and the two-light windows. Even today it is in an excellent state of conservation, after the restoration works carried out in the last decade. The Necropolis of Piano della Fiera, in use until the VI century BC and to the Hellenistic phase, its origins go back to the prehistoric age.

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